SNL Does Not Leave Anyone Out in Their Spoofs

Hey Loves!

As we all know, Jay-Z and Solange Knowles recently made headlines with their elevator fight.  No one really knows why the fight began.  But, we all want to know what got Ms. Solange so fired up.  Many are saying that it had to have something to do with her sister and she was taking up for Beyonce.  Here is the entire elevator fight.

I guess Jay-Z and Beyonce are “Crazy In Love”?!  Considering that just as this couple seem to be considered pretty much perfect, the truth comes out.  In particular I will say that I do not have any personal fondness for either of them.  There are those that want to know what the fight was about and then there are those that say who cares.  But no matter what, it seems that she was very upset and her sister “Queen B”  did not do much to stop her.  As they left the elevator it was said that Beyonce and Solange left together as Jay-Z left in another care.

Soon after both Solange and Jay-Z released a statement saying that they are family that has problems like any other and they have put aside their disagreement.

At this point I could just see the little gears working in the mind(s) of SNL writers.  The coolest part is that they got some help from SNL Alum Maya Rudolph who does a great job spoofing Queen B.  So I won’t make you wait any longer here is the video from SNLs Jay-Z Beyonce spoof.

What do you think that the fight was about?  Did you think the SNL spoof was funny/good?  Tell us what you think.




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3 Things the Kevin Hart Oprah Interview Taught Me

Hey loves,

I’m baaack!  I love Oprah and applaud what she is doing with her network.  I admire her for being about her business, for making the touch choices, and for her ability to challenge her self to do the things that so many others say can’t be done.  With that being said, Oprah recently interviewed comedian Kevin Hart?


My favorite little man.  This interview was amazeballs!  I was interested in seeing the interview because if you have never watched Kevin Hart, he is such a funny comedian.  But, to the point this interview really showed what I think was a Kevin Hart that could teach us all a thing about our lives, business, and this thing we call #TeamNatural.

Deal With the Hand You Have Been Dealt

Many of us in a lot of aspects of our lives tend to want to change the life that we have been given.  In the interview, Oprah asked Kevin how he dealt with his height (being short).  Kevin responded “his height was what he was dealt” and that he could only work with the hand that he was dealt.

In the natural community I see so many of us who want Traci Ellis Ross hair, Mahogany Curls hair, Monroe Sisters hair, or CharyJay.  Kevin’s answer so fits within the natural hair community.  When we can accept the hair that we have been given and work with what we have everyone will be so much more happy.  Not having concern about what you hair does not look like but rather what you can make your hair look like helps you to find yourself in you natural hair journey.

You Have One Life to Live

No matter what you think about your hair or your job or your life you only have one.  In the Kevin Hart interview he told Oprah that another way that he dealt with his height was to realize that you only have one life to live.  Kevin said that he would bring up his height to stop others from getting there first, because he had to focus on the bigger things.

When you allow yourself to focus on the small things or let others redirect your focus on unimportant things life will pass you by.  You have to keep your focus so that you can experience and live life to the fullest.  If you know that your product or brand is something that no one should go without knowing about in life then put a plan in place to let the world know about it.  Don’t allow others to keep you from focusing on that goal and you look around at an older age saying what you could have done.  In your work/business life when you allow things to block your focus, you can forget how that we aren’t allowed do overs.

Everything Is Within Your Reach

As the interview continued, Kevin talked about his idols and what he wanted to do and what legacy he wants to leave.  What Kevin talked about is what he wanted to accomplish.  No matter if you want to blog, be a comedian, a talk show host, or natural hair product brand you need to know that nothing is beyond your reach.

There so many others out there that have paved the way for all of us to reach higher heights.  They have shown us that no matter where you come from, no matter your circumstance you can reach any goal that you set.  Take a look at natural hair brand owners like Lisa Price, Jane Carter, or Felicia Leatherwood.  Because of the Oprahs, Tyler Perrys, and the Bill Cosbys we now know that the only ceiling there is is the one we create for ourselves.

If you missed the interview you should watch it.  Kevin Hart has so much that he can teach us all.  If we remember these three things:

1. Deal with the hand you have been dealt

2. You have one life to live

3. Nothing is beyond your reach

I say all this to say that it seems that Kevin Hart seems to have figured it out.  No matter what you strive to achieve only you can be your worst enemy.  I have already written down and posted these 3 things on the board above my desk.

Did you see the interview?  What did you think?



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How to Walk In Heels

Hey Loves!

This is a much-needed post.  I was considering what I wanted to post about and then I saw it!  A young lady walking in super tall heels that looked as if she was going to tilt over.  Whyyyyyyyy!!  So here is a post dedicated to how you should walk in heels and the things you should consider.

As women we all want to look our best when we go out with the girls, our guy, or a special event.  We visit our favorite shoe store (DSW! or Nordstrom!) and see that perfect shoe.  The one that is just too adorable to pass up.  Our mind tells us that we will loo better than anyone at the event and all the ladies will be green with envy.

But before the night is over your feet are throbbing, you are barefoot, you find the nearest seat and take several.  Your mind has tricked you again and your eyes took over instead of your brain.  So I am offering a bit of help.

Here is a great YouTube video from Michelle Phan that tells you how to walk in heels.

Don’t think you need it?  Okay but don’t let me catch you out and about looking as if you are walking on ice.  Enjoy!

Do you have a tip for walking in heels?  Share it with us.

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